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  • i want a dyke for president...

    my gay non-binary afab self is crying cos I'm terrified by this election and everyone screaming and no one listening. i have only just begin to understnad. and my heart is breaking for me and for those who have lived their lives facing prejudice and racism and hate every day (longer than I have been alive), who are forced to live with low- or mid- or high-level fear, who are harassed and assaulted and jailed and murdered for their skin color, their religion, their race, their gender, their orientation. my heart is breaking for all of us who in this moment feel hopeless and terrified and distraught and confused. my heart is breaking for everyone who has fought so hard, many longer than I have been alive, for basic human rights and respect and recognition and equality and a living wage and an escape from poverty...right now it all seems to be sliding back and the level of fear out there in the world is palpable. it is a hard night to be an empath. it is a harder noght for many many more, and so much harder for that multitude to face the day tomorrow. Please, let's find each other, all of us, in every moment of the coming days and get through this. together.