"Meg was awesome to work with, very open and forthcoming. It's clear that she is doing amazing healing work in the world, and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with her!" 

- M.D., CA


"Meg was excellent! I felt warm loving energy in my abdomen the whole time she worked with me. She intuitively found my "problem areas" or blockages without any help from me and afterwards we had a heartfelt talk about the experience. It was just what I needed and such a healing and refreshing way to spend my evening. Thank you so much Meg :)"

- H.J., Oregon


"I'm a very big cynic and nonbeliever so I thought tarot would be a laugh and wasn't expecting anything at all out of it. I never could have expected how disturbingly accurate it was and there is no way that someone who knows me so little could have just pulled this type of information from things I've said in the past. It has definitely given me a new perspective about tarot. I'm very introspective so I didn't learn things I didn't know so much as confirmed a lot that I had been wrestling with and thinking and feeling. Everything was just dead on."

- J.P. in Illinois


"So I don't know much about the Tarot, but that doesn't matter...I knew that I needed to find a new way of thinking about the problems in my life.  I set up an appointment with Meg and BAM!  No, she didn't solve my entire life with magic, but she did give me some startling insights into who I am, what that means, and where I can go with it.  My reading with Meg allowed me to zone in on how I was feeling and the lens I was using to look at my world.  Then we focused on my relationships and work and the forces that motivated me (and didn't) in each sphere.  She was able to help me see the interconnected nature of my particular worries and concerns and gave me useful, practical input about problem-solving techniques that I could use in my situation.  It was frankly amazing how she was able to identify and dissect my concerns (I believe the exact words I used at the beginning of my reading were "I want to look at my old problems in a new way"--seriously, that was it, that was all the info I gave her).  Everything was addressed in the kindest, most humanistic, and humorous way.  The video interface worked flawlessly.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have talked with her, and I left our conversation feeling empowered and hopeful."

- M.L. in Missouri


"I hired Meg for my birthday party and she was absolutely fabulous! My friends and I really enjoyed her intuitive readings. She was able to connect with everyone on an individual level and I would most certainly hire her again and recommend her to everyone I know!"

- Alissa Pagels, Chicago, IL


"Meg has a great connection to her cards. Not only is she aware of the meaning of them, but is in touch with the energy behind them and how they play out in relationship to each other and to you.

I felt she had great intuition while doing my reading and was truly in touch with my current situation and was also able to give insight into how I can affect my life in the future from the present moment and the influencing energies in my life."

- J. L., Chicago, IL